Summer Sailing in Andalusia


The Andalusian coastline is one of the finest in Spain when it comes to sailing and yachting. And the Cadiz coast is a perfect example. Sandy beaches, surf paradise… and a lot of opportunities for sailing within an unspoiled area still to be discovered in many ways and worth exploring every bit.

A large variety of bespoke yach charters are available this summer to combine with several experiences. Morocco is just a few miles from the Cadiz coast, and a perfect excuse to visit another country and continent on a daytrip. A country steeped rich in Arab culture and is one of Africa’s most exciting and accessible destinations. The best way to experience the contrasting moods of southern Spain and Morocco is on a yacht.

Gastronomy onboard is also another highlight. The Andalusian coastline has an amazing culinary offering from the most basic to the most glamorous. Why not find the best restaurant on the sea?. The majestic Mediterranean makes an excellent backdrop for seafaring dining. Discover what makes dining aboard a yacht a truly gastronomic experience.

Create your adventure. Choose your options and we will shape your tailor-made experience.
The limitless range of destinations, the unrivalled level of service, the incomparable cuisine, the diversity of activities available on board and ashore, make for a holiday like no other.


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