Private Tours in Spain

In 2012, I am offering new and enhanced private tour experiences in Spain. My experience in the past has helped me a lot to develope better tours with ingredients that make them more fun, enriching, and always combining excellence together with a sense of local knowledge, emotion and seamless experiences.
May it be a culinary experience, a cultural approach to a specific region, or just a relaxing sightseeing trip, my trips count with my best trusted private guides in every aspect, from local connossieurs in art and history, experts in gastronomy, to some well-known names here and there. As a local and Spanish native, my main concern is to provide an experience where guests can enjoy all what Spain has to offer and at the same time feel the local touch, realize that they are in Spain, by combining unexplored places with must-see spots.
My most demanded tours are for Andalucia, Southern Spain, but I´ve noticed an increase of interest on other known regions like Rioja, Basque country or Barcelona area. However, I encourage clients to taste new off-the-beaten-path parts of Spain like Extremadura, Galicia, or the Cantabria-Asturias regions. and why not, combine it with Portugal regions like the lovely Valle del Douro, Alentejo or Algarve.
Tours are all privately planned and arranged, tailor-made and with my concierge service included at all times.
Thinking of  a private tour in Spain? 
Free consultations to:
Eduardo Blanco –
T. +34955985605 M. +34606009521

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