Hotels or Villas?

When it comes to choosing between a perfect stay at a luxury hotel, or a more private experience in a villa, there are some details to take into account:
Hotels offer many services at all times, day or night, with a full team at your disposal. Villas also have private staff in most cases, but not all services may be available.
Transportation to and from the villa depends on your own, or you have to arrange it. Hotels offer transfers.
Villas have more intimacy, you do not share a building with anyone else…
but in hotels, you get to know more people!
Villas always have the same staff , hotels change it and you find different faces everyday.
prices are normally higher in villas, unless you spend your time in those suites at private resorts in islands…
The great combination for both things could be Villazzo, an excellent idea for staying in a villa with all the facilities and attention found in a luxury hotel. In Spain, they have outstanding villas in Marbella, and Different Spain can get special rates and attention for those interested in it.
I find it a very good choice, you have the privacy and the services at one time. I am a hotel lover, but this option sounds quite good for an extended stay. Yes, prices are higher than a nice suite in a luxury hotel, but I think the difference is clear. Villazzo is another growing choice to be taken into account more and more…

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