Jets & Islands

Luxury travel always heads for new trends and options. In the recent years, private jet services have been one of the main demanding options when it comes to moving from one place to another. Several companies offer a wide variety of services, jet models and flights. The customer profile is not the rock star or CEOs as it used to be, but more and more it´s approaching companies using it for their trips or business. It rivalizes any first class onboard service at a top airline, personalized treatment is taken for granted and the most important thing: you fly when you wish, no schedules.
Using a private jet to get to a private island, is quite a good idea. These type of islands, easily found in Mauritius, Seychelles or Fidji to mention a few, are easily prepared to accomodate couples, groups or families and pamper them with the most luxurious and incredible services you can imagine. Places to get lost, forget about the rest of the world and enjoy an array of facilities and activities.
In a world of stress and hard work, finding yourself in such places is a rewarding experience. Packages and prices vary, but it´s reaching more and more customers who are discovering the fact that living for working can be turned into working for living.

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