From the client´s side

Professionals tend to create a marvellous scene when it comes to promote their business, hotel, spa or agency. This is obviously normal, each company is the best for the owner and the people working there, so sometimes the client finds an array and diversity of products and services that claim themselves to be the best in their sector. What to choose? which hotel to go?
Well, let´s face it from the client´s point of view, since we all become clients when we travel, too. Sometimes we choose a hotel because we know somebody that works there or recommended it for some reason. Or maybe we select an event agency planner because the image it gives is quite professional. But most of the time we rely on little details that make the difference, and this is the key, to be different. In which way? that´s the secret. Excellent customer service, great image, good facilities or location, attentive staff? it´s a mixture of it all, but what´s true is the fact that clients are more and more especial and demanding, which obliges the travel agent, the hotel or the meeting planner to be updated, ready to answer all questions and available. Finding people with such qualities is hard, but once you have it, clients see it very quickly. it´s all about customer service again, but in a world with so much competence, wouldn´t you want to reach higher than the rest? for me, small details count, and that´s what makes the difference.

One thought on “From the client´s side

  1. Lizzy February 7, 2008 / 13:15

    Exactly. When I book hotels, it’s not that I’m always trying to save money, I look for the best value that an establishment can provide for me, given the value (the money) I can give them.

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