The Different Spain project

 Together with music, travel is my favorite hobby. It implies money and time, so sometimes I cannot have both, but I always try to escape from the daily routines when possible.

I discovered my passion for travel when I realized I could hardly sleep the night before taking a plane or starting a trip. Those tickles in my stomach…

Then, I also noticed a great interest for hotels, in which I have always felt like at home. We all love to visit luxury hotels, and once you´ve been to a few, your level of exigence does not go any lower, believe me. But there are many other 4 star, country hotels, charming little properties not considered as luxury ones that deserve attention and that have something we sometimes don´t find in others. But I will talk about hotels in other posts.

All these attractions, combined with a sense of service, help-orientated to every guest, visitor and tourist, made me think that yes, the world of tourism was my natural element. This is why, after some years working in airlines, hotels and other industries related to tourism, I decided to be my own boss and do things my way. I may be lucky or not, specially in such a sector with so much competence, but I believe in what I do, and have a little secret: I love this job, helping people and offering advice and assistance. If you can make people feel that you are passionate about it, and that your best reward is their satisfaction, the rest comes easily.

It´s all about people. Treat them well and you will get the same back. Easy.


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